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Singapore airport CHANGI: All you need to know before traveling again


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Singapore airport (Changi airport) is always ranked the best in the world and now you'll see why. Changi is actually an entertainment center with the Jewel (indoor waterfall) as the main attraction. The Jewel is already beautiful during the day, but at night, with the light show, it gets even more impressive. But there are many more things you can do at the Singapore airport that will make your travel experience unique: enjoying a pool, playing games and watching movies for free, more options to shop tax-free, and spending the night at a hotel inside the Jewel.

In Singapore, it's worth arriving at Changi airport way before your flight.

Please note that almost all the activities in this video have been suspended as of April 7th, 2020 and are expected to get back to normal in May. Visit the Singapore airport's website for updates. This video was shot a couple of months ago. Here's an update of where I am right now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbC_V4OWhqY

Nevertheless, when life gets back to normal, you already have the perfect guide to Singapore's airport Changi.


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